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General Questions
Pedi Redi Plus
EXT-Remedies Skin Lotion


Is Maxim a distributor or a manufacturer?
We are both

How do I find a distributor in my area?
Just call us at 1800-313-7706 and we will be happy to locate a distributor in your area or one of our nationwide suppliers.

Can we purchase your products direct?
We prefer you purchase from our distributors but if they do not carry your fragrance or size you can purchase directly from us.

Do you private label your products?
Yes, any of our products may be private labeled per your requirements. Please contact us for further information.



Can I use Pedi Redi in all pedicure equipment?
Yes, we formulated this product specifically for whirlpool spas, but it can be used in all pedicure equipment.

What’s the difference in colors?
Different fragrance, same great product. View our Fragrance List

Does it bubble (foam) over?
No, Pedi Redi was specially formulated to not foam over.

How many applications will I get per jar? (approximate applications)

SIZE WHIRLPOOL (5-6 Gallons) FOOTBATH (1 Gallon)
13 oz. 25 applications 50 applications
28 oz. 50 applications 100 applications
65 oz. 115 applications 230 applications
27 Lbs. 750 applications 1500 applications

How much product do I use?

  • In a whirlpool spa of 5-6 gallons, use 2/3 of a scoop
  • In a small footbath of 1-2 gallons, use 1/3 of a scoop

How does this product compare to other product lines?
We formulated an all-in-one product especially for whirlpool pedicure spas. It won’t foam over, clog or harm your pump/jets or lining. Pedi Redi will do it all and reduce your clean up time. With Pedi Redi, you will also notice that your scrubbing time will be reduced and do the job of completely softening skin and calluses.

What products are unnecessary if I use Pedi-Redi Plus?
Cuticle creams, sloughing lotions, and any other products for softening the skin.

Is there a container of Pedi-Redi larger than 65oz. available?
Yes, we have a 27 Lb. container with a re-closable lid. We also ship our products in bulk.

Are there other products like or similar to Pedi-Redi Plus?
Yes, there are a few. We have evaluated them all and, even though they may have the same or similar ingredient lists, the formulas are different. We also believe that some do not use the same quality ingredients as we do. Also, some of the amounts needed per application are more than we require, therefore it is not as economical as it seems to be.

Does Pedi-Redi stain pedicure equipment?
The one staining issue we have seen is the ring stain ( waterline) . This is caused because of hard water deposits (lime and calcium mostly). To effectively soften the water,  the minerals have to be displaced in the water. Therefore they can stick to the tub at the water line. The dye in PEDI REDI sticks to the mineral deposits and looks like a stain on the tub material. Any store purchased Lime/Calcium remover will solve this problem when used regularly. 

How long do you soak the feet?
At least 15 minutes to provide time for the product to soften calluses. 



Why should I use your lotion? What makes yours different?
Our lotion is made with plant based ingredients and is more natural as it is not made primarily with synthetic chemicals. Extracts from Jojoba, Coconut, Soy and Palm make this lotion a great alternative on the market today.

May I retail this solution in my salon?
Yes, clients will make this their favorite daily lotion. Techs and clients have reported “best lotion ever” and “I’m a lotion person”. For best results, clients should exfoliate skin with Masque/Scrub first.